The Paradise

967 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, MA 02215

Capacity: 350


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Paradise Rock Club might actually be one of my favorite small concert venues in the Boston area. The acoustics are fantastic, there are several bars spread out across the venue for maximum drink intake(decent prices too!), and the second floor is by far the best part.


I went to see Stephen Marley at the paradise...I love Ragga and have seen him many times all over New England and the world... this venue I've been to 3 times and all three times I had to TRY to have a good time. The artists are always on point but the hospitality of this venue is POOR -- each time there was a problem with rude bartenders and staff!!!


I grew up in this place I worked here for three years. And I'll say it it's a lot better now. I love that they took out the tiers and the capacity has gone from about 500 to 950. Marie the bartender at the upstairs bar was hustling out drinks I worked in the bar business for 13 years so I know and she was cranking out good drinks not checking her phone or day dreaming. The sound system and lighting were much better then when I worked there. The only downside that the coat check was closed and I had to stash my jacket. Overall a great experience and I'll be back.


As a music venue, this is one of my favorites even though it's not the most glamorous one in Boston. The musicians and bands they showcase, though not huge headliners, are still popular and extremely fun to see perform live. Although prices obviously range, I've never paid more than $50 to see a show here. The pillars on the lower level block some of the views but for the most part it is easy to see the stage and feel close to the performance as the venue itself is not that large. There is a second level that offers seating which is nice when you want a break from the crowds. Have always enjoyed my time at Paradise!